Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Oh Blog, how I've been neglected you soooo. Very rude of me is what that is. Sorry to my three loyal followers, my bad.

So then, supposedly it's Spring and this particular tidbit would have been great for Easter but I only just found it today. The website I'll be linking to is not at all in English, or certainly not any I've ever encountered BUT! it did have the most photos of Franc Groms work and I didn't want to deny you one bit of the amazery.

As with many things I encounter, I wonder, how do they even think to try it out? That's an egg by the way. In case you're stupid.

This is just funny.

This would have been perfect for yesterday, but since I'm a stoner. You get it today.

I also imagine doing many crafty things but then I feel all limited by the space I've got and time. Time and space! What nonsense! If I was ever so inclined to be especially crafty and patient I would most certainly try this out.

Actually, now that I'm looking at this again, I definitely want to make this.

And since I actually have work to do today, this is the end.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Case of the Mondays. Big time.

So there's this thing called World Pillow Fight Day and it just happened this past Saturday in the city on Wall Street and I am soooooo salty I already used my awesome pillow fight pics in my last post but I'mma throw one up again anyway. Cause it's my blog. That's why. Really though, the reason I mention it is because I don't very much enjoy pillow fights. They actually kind of hurt, especially when you KNOW there are some a-holes out there who never play nice. Sooooooo I declare this World Pillow Fight Day dumb. That's official.

You know what's NOT dumb. Tree houses. TREE HOUSES!!! When I own a home and swear to the sweet baby Jesus (my favorite Jesus)there will be a mega club house. And maybe you'll be invited, but sincerely, don't hold your breath. I know you know I've got a thing for them as seen in a previous post with that tree house restaurant biz but even if I didn't already love them I'd wanna go there. The pic below is more like a house built very snuggly among some trees, which is also super, but if you click it, the link will take you to a site with some more real deal reasons to use a rope ladder.

This weather has been utter garbage. I've been longing for Shake Shack and it's like the impossible dream! Why are you denying me Mother Nature?! It's just rude!!!