Thursday, February 18, 2010

Annnnnd neglect. This poor blog must have such low self esteem! Oh well. Meantime... hey folks! Quick re-cap, celebrated 6 months with Max this past Valentine's Day. Still so in love, swooooon. We have made a relatively huge decision to move to the DC area come September when my lease is up. I shouldn't hold my breath because so many things are a factor when making a move, especially one to a whole other state but, I am EXCITED! I've looked into a ton of different places to live and we'll be taking a trip down in April for the cherry blossoms so we'll check some out while we are there. Looking for jobs is a whole other hassle. But, we agreed to really focus, 90% DC, 10% Jersey. So... wish us luck!

About my last post... with the toilet paper roll 'sculpture', I totally made it. Just have to spray paint it white. Once that's done, I'll slap some pictures up on here.

Joining some group on Google called Goodreads has got me super excited about reading again. I'm always reading a book (sometimes two) and I'm finishing up First Among Equals at the moment, but I feel like I'd lost that spark and it has now been re-ignited. To that end, I found this list and I'd like very much to conquer each book and report back to you guys.

While stumbling I found this awesome craft project that I will probably never attempt, which is sad but true.

And so... that's all for now. Here's an awesome picture of Pablo Picasso. Love it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I know it's only Friday but I'm sooooo excited for Saturday, I can hardly contain myself! Saturday, during the day, is pretty much the only real length of time I have to myself for getting things done. Usually I make a list, comprised dually of things I have to do and things I want to. Generally I get the "have to's" done but never really the "wants". I'll be trying my hardest to make tomorrow different! I've got some crafts floating around in my head and I'm just desperate to have one see the light of day. Especially this one. It seems so simple and easy and it would look great on my bedroom wall.

Meanwhile, I looooove clothes. Shopping is my kryptonite but I've never been one for labels. I don't care who made it, I just want to look good in it. Having said that, there is one label I'd love to hanging in closet, even just a piece or two. I think L.A.M.B. has consistently made clothes and shoes I coo over every time.

Coo. Coo. Coooooo.

There's a lot of things I really love about the

And this could be the cutest thing I've ever seen. Doesn't hurt that it's from my favorite movie, Labyrinth.

There may be more to follow but for now, I'm more tired than funny.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh, this old thing?

Aaaaaahahahaha I last posted in April of 09 to apologize for not posting much. How little things have changed... until NOW! I hope. And I hope you hope too. Because this blog here has the potential to be a blast. And one should never deny another a blast. Fact. So, let's get this party restarted. My intention is this: I consider my self a creative person, and as such, a person who appreciates creativity. I have not been very creative lately. For shame. In an attempt to rectify this heinousness (spell check didn't even flinch for that one?) I will do my best to post regularly AND additionally, I will start including my own work so that maybe I finally feel obligated to be creatively productive once more. How's that sound? Good? Really? Just good? I thought it sounded great. Whatever. Onward and upward, virtually.

Let's get you up to date, and pretend like you knew stuff about me that needs updating. So, from last I posted, I have moved from Staten Island to New Jersey (again, love this state, sincerely) and got myself involved in the best relationship EVER. Today is actually our 5 month aniversary. You can congratulate me, I don't mind. There's that.

Internetly, I'm sure there's been much I've discovered and jerkishly kept to myself, I'll try and find it all again. Meantime, there's always more to be found, it is the internet after all. So check this out...

I have never seen anything like the works of Beth Cavener Stichter. It's at once surreal and uncannily realistic. Quite creepy but such wow factor. I'd like one in my home. If my home was really big and I could keep it someplace that wouldn't continually freak me out. Maybe if she made really tiny mini ones, that would be best.

Neato, yea?

Then there's Yuken Teruya. I'm pretty crazy about any kind of intricate paper art. I have the patience for it myself but either I don't have the right tools or skills. I do intend to try my hand at it again though and this keeps me inspired.

And to be filed under "one the greatest flippin things ever" category, my boyfriend (Max, by the way) got me a KITCHENAID for Christmas. That's right. KITCHENAID. I have never received a better present and it's pretty much what I've always wanted. So far I'm tried my hand at a cake made from scratch, which was a semi debacle, (not the kitchenaids fault). Annnd white bread. I'll be making one of my best friends a birthday cake this weekend, I believe chocolate hazelnut mousse. There will be pictures. Oh yes. And hopefully soon, my own pasta. Eeep!

Tell me that is not a good looking appliance.

In an attempt to give you a well rounded blog experience, let me suggest, if perhaps you've been in a cave, the Florence and the Machine album.
Florence And The Machine - Howl
I have been rocking it for months and still, I'm not sick of it. And this reminds me, I'm behind in the new music scene. Next update I'll have something more current for you.

And since I feel satisfied with this update, I'll leave you to bask in the after blog glow. Oh and! let's go ahead and make this a more interactive experience. Please feel free to comment with links and suggestions of your own!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Oh Blog, how I've been neglected you soooo. Very rude of me is what that is. Sorry to my three loyal followers, my bad.

So then, supposedly it's Spring and this particular tidbit would have been great for Easter but I only just found it today. The website I'll be linking to is not at all in English, or certainly not any I've ever encountered BUT! it did have the most photos of Franc Groms work and I didn't want to deny you one bit of the amazery.

As with many things I encounter, I wonder, how do they even think to try it out? That's an egg by the way. In case you're stupid.

This is just funny.

This would have been perfect for yesterday, but since I'm a stoner. You get it today.

I also imagine doing many crafty things but then I feel all limited by the space I've got and time. Time and space! What nonsense! If I was ever so inclined to be especially crafty and patient I would most certainly try this out.

Actually, now that I'm looking at this again, I definitely want to make this.

And since I actually have work to do today, this is the end.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Case of the Mondays. Big time.

So there's this thing called World Pillow Fight Day and it just happened this past Saturday in the city on Wall Street and I am soooooo salty I already used my awesome pillow fight pics in my last post but I'mma throw one up again anyway. Cause it's my blog. That's why. Really though, the reason I mention it is because I don't very much enjoy pillow fights. They actually kind of hurt, especially when you KNOW there are some a-holes out there who never play nice. Sooooooo I declare this World Pillow Fight Day dumb. That's official.

You know what's NOT dumb. Tree houses. TREE HOUSES!!! When I own a home and swear to the sweet baby Jesus (my favorite Jesus)there will be a mega club house. And maybe you'll be invited, but sincerely, don't hold your breath. I know you know I've got a thing for them as seen in a previous post with that tree house restaurant biz but even if I didn't already love them I'd wanna go there. The pic below is more like a house built very snuggly among some trees, which is also super, but if you click it, the link will take you to a site with some more real deal reasons to use a rope ladder.

This weather has been utter garbage. I've been longing for Shake Shack and it's like the impossible dream! Why are you denying me Mother Nature?! It's just rude!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I hate to say it, and I hate even more that it's true, but a can of soda or a cup of coffee really makes the world of difference when I'm one sleepy fox (I went with fox instead of the f bomb because I'm both foxy AND classy).All day today I've been dragging my feet and being all "ugh" and "humphf!" but a lil ol cokey cola and I'm kind of half way decent now. Right on.

Yesterday, two things came to mind. The first being elevator related deaths on a yearly basis. I work on the 28th floor of the Empire State Building and generally for both the ride up and down, I'm listening to music loudly. Yesterday I was sans tunes and these contraptions (elevators in case you're already confused) make such a racket it is somewhat unnerving. I feel as if I'm taking a risk riding these modern marvels every day, but how big a risk was the question du jour (that's sounds delicious). Looked into it and apparently they are remarkably safe. Like if it was a guessing game and I had to gander at how many people died every year in elevator related deaths, well, I'd lose. It's about 6 people a year. Those figures are based off a ten year study from 93 to 03. Also this is for people using elevators who do not work in a elevator related profession. But even those guys aren't in much danger. So. There's that. Phew.

Second thing, Polygamy. It's a crime in the U.S. but what type of punishment results from being a marrying maniac. Turns out, not much, it's something stupid like no more than 5000 in fines and no more than 5 years in jail, which I'd imagine would be some much needed relief after having dealt with not one but two wives.

This site seems magical. I haven't done a double feature in... I think I did it once when I was 11, but this maps it out so perfectly, it makes it seem both worth it and easy.

I love sandwiches. They're pretty much my favorite food. I love pictures. I'm a looker, watcher, gawker, what have you. Logic says then I must love scanwiches and so I do.

And finally, in honor of his recent hooker/arrest fiasco. You're gonna love my nuts.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Today... I am sick. I cannot fathom what could be worse than being sick on a Friday with reasonably delicious weather. I guess that's a lie. There's all sorts of devastation that's worse but I'm at my own pity party right now and I'll whine if I want to!

So then I'll turn to my frowns upside with some fun stuff! Yay fun!

Now here we have Henrique Oliveria. This guy is all about the bulbous wood. Sorry if I offended you. I get the chills thinking of the splinter city this guy must live in but this business is tight.

And continuing on a woody note... I so want to eat here. I dont even know how you make things like this. Must be some mega tools.

Meanwhile, they show you the process of this being made but I still don't believe it. Also, I really like this guys wardrobe. Must be training for the Tour de France in his free time.

I'll post again later. Right now I'm too busy being disgusted with my choice of tissue with Vicks on it. I don't know what I was thinking.