Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I hate to say it, and I hate even more that it's true, but a can of soda or a cup of coffee really makes the world of difference when I'm one sleepy fox (I went with fox instead of the f bomb because I'm both foxy AND classy).All day today I've been dragging my feet and being all "ugh" and "humphf!" but a lil ol cokey cola and I'm kind of half way decent now. Right on.

Yesterday, two things came to mind. The first being elevator related deaths on a yearly basis. I work on the 28th floor of the Empire State Building and generally for both the ride up and down, I'm listening to music loudly. Yesterday I was sans tunes and these contraptions (elevators in case you're already confused) make such a racket it is somewhat unnerving. I feel as if I'm taking a risk riding these modern marvels every day, but how big a risk was the question du jour (that's sounds delicious). Looked into it and apparently they are remarkably safe. Like if it was a guessing game and I had to gander at how many people died every year in elevator related deaths, well, I'd lose. It's about 6 people a year. Those figures are based off a ten year study from 93 to 03. Also this is for people using elevators who do not work in a elevator related profession. But even those guys aren't in much danger. So. There's that. Phew.

Second thing, Polygamy. It's a crime in the U.S. but what type of punishment results from being a marrying maniac. Turns out, not much, it's something stupid like no more than 5000 in fines and no more than 5 years in jail, which I'd imagine would be some much needed relief after having dealt with not one but two wives.

This site seems magical. I haven't done a double feature in... I think I did it once when I was 11, but this maps it out so perfectly, it makes it seem both worth it and easy.

I love sandwiches. They're pretty much my favorite food. I love pictures. I'm a looker, watcher, gawker, what have you. Logic says then I must love scanwiches and so I do.

And finally, in honor of his recent hooker/arrest fiasco. You're gonna love my nuts.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Today... I am sick. I cannot fathom what could be worse than being sick on a Friday with reasonably delicious weather. I guess that's a lie. There's all sorts of devastation that's worse but I'm at my own pity party right now and I'll whine if I want to!

So then I'll turn to my frowns upside with some fun stuff! Yay fun!

Now here we have Henrique Oliveria. This guy is all about the bulbous wood. Sorry if I offended you. I get the chills thinking of the splinter city this guy must live in but this business is tight.

And continuing on a woody note... I so want to eat here. I dont even know how you make things like this. Must be some mega tools.

Meanwhile, they show you the process of this being made but I still don't believe it. Also, I really like this guys wardrobe. Must be training for the Tour de France in his free time.

I'll post again later. Right now I'm too busy being disgusted with my choice of tissue with Vicks on it. I don't know what I was thinking.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

'Big As A Whale' Is Actually A Whopper Of An Insult!

Let me just say, the dot over a lower case "i" is called a tittle. I'm saying that because I, personally, don't want to forget. It's so often I hear a fascinating little tid bit of trivial information and then it proceeds to slip right out of my noggin. Let me also say that most elephants weigh less than a blue whale's tongue. How incredible/gross is that?! You could probably live off whale tongue for like 4 months! Yuck.

Since we're on the subject of size. I'm always so astonished by how big things can really be. Just as a blue whale's tongue is big, it's heart is approximately the size of aVW Beetle! And the blue whale population is estimated at around 8,000-14,000 worldwide. WHAT?! Fudge, the world is LARGE! Also, I never really though hyenas were all that big but as it were they're quite hearty. I always figured they were around the size of like, I dunno, 50-60lbs? But no, bigger. Much. Aside from the size revelation, these pictures are downright incredible.

And since today seems to be mostly about animals, let me leave you with this...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let's Get This Party Started

Ah, content. They sure do make it simple enough to create your very own blog but suddenly I was overwhelmed with the daunting task of ... you know... creating content. So, let's have the hater here help me kick things off on a silly little note. I found this picture a few days ago while stumbling and everytime I look at it (which is quite often) I just laugh and laugh. hahahaha. He really does hate those sand castles! hahahah. I'm far from baby crazy but sometimes they sure do the darndest things. I've never typed the "word" darndest before. Feels wrong.

Now I don't know what goes on with the drippy, fringy, frilly business of Lauren Clay's sculptures but I hope she never stops. I strongly suggest poking about the rest of her site, her work is aaaamazing and playful. Perhaps because of the pastel colors, these pieces only add to my building excitement for SPRING. But seriously, Spring, can you bring it on? Now? Great.

And finally, to close this jammy out, I find this lovely to look at in a retro, folksy rock album cover from the 70's way with a liiiittle something to think about. Then maybe chuckle. Cause it's true. Then a mini frown. Cause it's still true.

It's a first impression!

So, here we are, on the precipice of an Internetal journey! I made that word up, Internetal, it'll be a regular in no time. Anywho... To be a little more specific, I find fun stuff on the web all day and it's high time I share my booty. You can take that however you'd like. I mostly focus on things of a pleasing asthetic nature, so lots of art, decorating, type, landscapey junk and other assorted whatnots. So then, come back occassionally and take a little peeksies. I don't mind. Mi booty es su booty!