Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I hate to say it, and I hate even more that it's true, but a can of soda or a cup of coffee really makes the world of difference when I'm one sleepy fox (I went with fox instead of the f bomb because I'm both foxy AND classy).All day today I've been dragging my feet and being all "ugh" and "humphf!" but a lil ol cokey cola and I'm kind of half way decent now. Right on.

Yesterday, two things came to mind. The first being elevator related deaths on a yearly basis. I work on the 28th floor of the Empire State Building and generally for both the ride up and down, I'm listening to music loudly. Yesterday I was sans tunes and these contraptions (elevators in case you're already confused) make such a racket it is somewhat unnerving. I feel as if I'm taking a risk riding these modern marvels every day, but how big a risk was the question du jour (that's sounds delicious). Looked into it and apparently they are remarkably safe. Like if it was a guessing game and I had to gander at how many people died every year in elevator related deaths, well, I'd lose. It's about 6 people a year. Those figures are based off a ten year study from 93 to 03. Also this is for people using elevators who do not work in a elevator related profession. But even those guys aren't in much danger. So. There's that. Phew.

Second thing, Polygamy. It's a crime in the U.S. but what type of punishment results from being a marrying maniac. Turns out, not much, it's something stupid like no more than 5000 in fines and no more than 5 years in jail, which I'd imagine would be some much needed relief after having dealt with not one but two wives.

This site seems magical. I haven't done a double feature in... I think I did it once when I was 11, but this maps it out so perfectly, it makes it seem both worth it and easy.

I love sandwiches. They're pretty much my favorite food. I love pictures. I'm a looker, watcher, gawker, what have you. Logic says then I must love scanwiches and so I do.

And finally, in honor of his recent hooker/arrest fiasco. You're gonna love my nuts.

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