Wednesday, March 25, 2009

'Big As A Whale' Is Actually A Whopper Of An Insult!

Let me just say, the dot over a lower case "i" is called a tittle. I'm saying that because I, personally, don't want to forget. It's so often I hear a fascinating little tid bit of trivial information and then it proceeds to slip right out of my noggin. Let me also say that most elephants weigh less than a blue whale's tongue. How incredible/gross is that?! You could probably live off whale tongue for like 4 months! Yuck.

Since we're on the subject of size. I'm always so astonished by how big things can really be. Just as a blue whale's tongue is big, it's heart is approximately the size of aVW Beetle! And the blue whale population is estimated at around 8,000-14,000 worldwide. WHAT?! Fudge, the world is LARGE! Also, I never really though hyenas were all that big but as it were they're quite hearty. I always figured they were around the size of like, I dunno, 50-60lbs? But no, bigger. Much. Aside from the size revelation, these pictures are downright incredible.

And since today seems to be mostly about animals, let me leave you with this...


  1. its funny you talk about the blue whale. i just saw a whole 2 hour documentary on them. they filmed a baby blue for the first time. that thing was huge!

  2. and let me leave you with this in return...