Thursday, February 18, 2010

Annnnnd neglect. This poor blog must have such low self esteem! Oh well. Meantime... hey folks! Quick re-cap, celebrated 6 months with Max this past Valentine's Day. Still so in love, swooooon. We have made a relatively huge decision to move to the DC area come September when my lease is up. I shouldn't hold my breath because so many things are a factor when making a move, especially one to a whole other state but, I am EXCITED! I've looked into a ton of different places to live and we'll be taking a trip down in April for the cherry blossoms so we'll check some out while we are there. Looking for jobs is a whole other hassle. But, we agreed to really focus, 90% DC, 10% Jersey. So... wish us luck!

About my last post... with the toilet paper roll 'sculpture', I totally made it. Just have to spray paint it white. Once that's done, I'll slap some pictures up on here.

Joining some group on Google called Goodreads has got me super excited about reading again. I'm always reading a book (sometimes two) and I'm finishing up First Among Equals at the moment, but I feel like I'd lost that spark and it has now been re-ignited. To that end, I found this list and I'd like very much to conquer each book and report back to you guys.

While stumbling I found this awesome craft project that I will probably never attempt, which is sad but true.

And so... that's all for now. Here's an awesome picture of Pablo Picasso. Love it.

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  1. Love your header photo and cant wait to read more of your blogs!